by: Tyler Hoffmann   9/19/2013

Like most football fans when I heard that Trent Richardson had been traded to the Colts for a 1st round pick in 2014 I was shocked. I could only imagine if I was a Cleveland Brown. I think they might to be used to things like this by now. You might think what are the Browns doing? Well lets think about this trade. 

First of all we know with or without Richardson they are not going anywhere. Richardson would not have reached his full potential with the offense the Browns have. The Browns are not going in a good direction, they still have not found a quaterback and to add to that they have no talent at the reciver position. They are in rebuilding and what is the point of having a running back that will not reach his full potential with this team. By the time they could put talent togeather Richardson might already be on the backside of his career. 

It is not like Richardson is a superstar running back at this point yet. Running back being the most replaceable position in football. In Richardson`s first season he played in 15 games and only managed 970 yards but totaled 11 touchdowns. It is not like Richardson had some off the chart rookie season running the rock.Through two games this season he has only managed 105 yards on 31 carries and zero touchdowns. 

Gathering all these draft picks might be the best option for the Browns. It might seem at first that the Browns made a mistake but , in the long run it will be the better move.