Cleveland's Coach Mike Brown should have been fired today

5/14/2010 2:54:14 PM
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How can you win sixty plus games in the past two seasons and still not make it to the finals? How can you have the talent level of the cavaliers roster and not win the SECOND round of the nba playoffs? I think Mike Brown might be the worst coach, well at least the worst playoff coach, in the NBA. I hope all of you saw that LeBron was the coach of this team and Mike Brown was no more important than the fan who bought the court side seats next to the bench. 

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Don't care about that al Rooker look alike, the Denzel looking Doc Rivers on the other bench last night had a speech out of a movie, no voice and all-

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They probally didnt want to feed into the media frenzy but If I was a betting man, Id say he wont have a job in 1-2 weeks, after exit interviews and other things wrap up!

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I mean, if they don't fire him this year and LBJ leaves, he'll be fired two weeks into next season.

But hey, Boudreau didn't get fired, we were the #1 team in hockey and we lost in the 1st round...

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He had absolutely no control over that team.  He won't last there without Lebron or even if Lebron stays he would lose his job if Lebron ever got sick of him.

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Sad part about Mike Brown is you can not blame him for the Cavaliers lack of offense because he doesnt even draw up plays during timeouts. He is the only coach in the NBA with an offensive coordinator lol...

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Hes going to get fired. The Cavs just didnt want to make an emotional decision after a loss. The only thing that would save him is if Lebron says the only way I will stay in Cleveland is if Mike Brown is my coach. And i highly doubt that will happen.

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