San Fran v. Baltimore

1/20/2013 9:42:26 PM
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Good Match Up or for those of us who are in Fraternities its Kappa Alpha Psi (Colin Kaepernick) versus Omega Psi Phi (Ray Lewis)

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In the pregame show Boomer and Cowher-with Dan Marino sitting next to them-called Brady "the best qb ever."

I could not believe they said this with Marino sitting there.  But they did.

No question in my mind:  New England would lose.  And they did.

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I don't see it as all that surprising. On most peoples' lists Brady is higher than Marino.  Manning too. Marino these days is probably also behind Elway and Farve.  Not sure if that is right or not, but he only went to one Superbowl and he lost it  - and in pro sports you are rated on the championships you win, of which Marino has 0 and Brady has 3.

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i wonder did they actually go online or did they just skate over because they were athletes....

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